Trinidad Head

The Trinidad Head station is located atop Trinidad Head (elevation ~120 meters) on the remote north coast of California, approximately 30 km north of Eureka.

The AGAGE operates two in-situ instruments there. The GC-MD instrument started measuring atmospheric CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113, CH3CCl3, CCl4, N2O, CH4, and CHCl3 in 1995. Air samples are collected from a tower used by the Coast Guard for marine VHF communications. A state of the art Medusa GC-MS instrument which can measure more than 40 trace gases was installed in May 2005.

The latest greenhouse gas data collected from Trinidad Head:
Trinidad Head Greenhouse Gas Data.

Trinidad Head Observatory

Latitude: 41° N
Longitude: 124° W
Time Zone: GMT -8 (standard); GMT -7 (daylight saving)
Roofdeck elevation:  
Air intake elevation: 140 m (50 m away from shoreline)
Station PI: Prof. Ray Weiss  (
AGAGE Station Managers: Randy Dickau (
Dr. Jens Mühle (
NOAA Station Manager: Mike Ives
Postal address: HSU Marine Lab
570 Ewing St
Trinidad Head, California, 95570, United States